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Download the RGBDToolkit

29th July 2013

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Andrew McWilliams writes up camera lenses →

Great reference from our workshop participant Andrew McWilliams on how to pick lenses for the RGBDToolkit.

6th June 2013

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Alexander and James’ latest experimental film, The Downing of Echo.

The Drowning of Echo is an interpretation of the Transformation of Echo & the story of Narcissus from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In a modern context, the fable offers insight into the relationship between narcissism and narcosis: the numbing effects of self-perception. We drew this association from Chapter 4 of Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media:

6th June 2013

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We were happy to help support some of our favorite local musicians in this film about the Brooklyn underground electronic music scene, produced by m ss ng p eces. 

30th May 2013

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We were honored to assist director Scott Thrift @mssngpeces with a wonderfully contemplative piece featuring generative art luminary Brian Eno, Light and Time.


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29th May 2013

Video with 23 notes

Midnight Juggernauts tell the history of computer graphics, include RGBDToolkit. Thanks guys!

Only time will tell..

27th April 2013

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Fitz and the Tantrums weaves RGB+D sequences into a rorschachian dream.

3rd April 2013

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Liars music video for “The Exact Color of Doubt” directed by a Markus Wambsganss. Always thrilled to see the Toolkit making the rounds! Thanks to Marina at Animal for pointing it out. 

28th March 2013

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RGBDToolkit -> Processing →

work with RGBDToolkit’s compressed depth data format in Processing thanks to Ivaylo Getov

Also check out his intimate work using the toolkit:

7th March 2013

Video with 3 notes

We made an interactive installation using the RGBDToolkit SDK. The first instance of simultaneous capture of front and back! It’s imagined like a sort of shoddy cryogenic photobooth. You step in, It captures your bust and throws it on a heap of similar forms. Conceptually we imagined it as this + this.

5th February 2013


Join us on Instructables!

We’ve migrated the instructions for the aluminum mounts over to Instructables. Those of you that have made your own mounts, modified ours or even made them out of parts on hand – make an Instructable for your mount! There are SO many ways to do this and many of you have done it already. We’d love to get your versions out there and start tinkering. 

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